Disc AirDA175T

The DiscAir DA175T is a turbo driven pneumatic spin window, which provides many of the same brilliant features as it`s larger sibling, the DiscAir DA230. The advantage is, that it offers more power and is in a smaller package at once.

The DA175T is spinning over 200 RPM faster, and also the spin disc comes standard with the original T2K`s DLC-coating. This coating provides about 10x the resistance of normal glass.


  • Smaller form factor with more power.
  • Requires zero electrical connections.
  • Nearly inaudible within the machine cabin.
  • Suited to applications having light to medium, intermittent coolant spray.
  • Integrated surface-mount electronics with reverse polarity protection.
  • Easy Installation and removal for both OEM and retrofit versions. Requires zero modification of the machine window. .
  • Reliable and advanced high quality parts for the highest value and long life.
  • Comes standard with DLC coating for 10X plus resistance to glass wear.
  • Powered by any standard sources of clean compressed shop air.
  • Manifold designed with push fittings. Includes a spare port for air gun drop.
  • Set includes 1 meter connection polyurethane (PUR) hose.
  • Installs on both glass and polycarbonate.
  • Light weight aircraft aluminum construction.
  • Terminal box with mechanical on/off/reset toggle switch.
  • Balanced, rotating disc window, with chemically strengthened glass.
  • Mounting plate for easy installation and low life-cycle cost.
  • One year limited warranty.