Polycarbonate window panes are used in machine tools to protect operating personnel against the risk of ejected parts.

Research has shown that unprotected polycarbonate can degrade after exposure to metal cutting fluids.
This can result in a significant reduction in the impact resistance of the polycarbonate within a relatively short time span.

However, they show a long-term durability of up to 12 years if the polycarbonate is effectively protected on all sides against metal cutting fluids. Visitec not only offers polycarbonate-panes according to EN classification and measurements, we also have a range of constructions, which protect the polycarbonate from ageing, thereby retaining the impact resistance of the window.

For further information about ageing of polycarbonate, please have a look at Recommendation for replacement of protective windows.



To protect the polycarbonate Visitec provides two solutions.