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About us

Visitec is a distributor for safety- and high visibility products for the machine tool industry and users. Visitec offers the world leader in Spin Windows, Visiport® by T2K which provides a clear sighting into your machine tool.

The laminated protective window protects the worker and is also necessary for a long term visibility into your machine tool. With Visitec you have chosen the right partner, as we sincerely help you to find the best, individual and innovative solution to keep your machine tool running.

“Visitec - high quality products for visibility-safety-systems in technical divisions!”

Quick Product Overview

  • VP 220 C2

    The new VP220 C2 with new digital motor controller

  • DiscAir 230

    The DiscAir DA230 is a pneumatic driven spin window

  • DiscAir 175T

    The DiscAir DA175T is a turbo driven pneumatic spin window

  • Replacement Parts

    We offer the whole set of replacement parts for Visiport®

  • Air gap

    The solution to a reasonable price and special distance holder

  • Fully laminated

    The safest window with an ultimate visibility

  • Polycarbonate

    We only use world´s leading Lexan® and Makrolon®

  • Frametyps

    Visitec provides 3 standard types and also custom built frames

VISITEC high quality products for visibility-safety-systems in technical divisions!

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